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Hindu-ness is a modern political ideology that advocates for Hindu supremacy and seeks to transform India.

Hindutva is a controversial political ideology that has been gaining popularity in recent years. While its proponents claim that it is simply about promoting Hindu values, many critics argue that it is actually a form of Hindu nationalism that seeks to transform India into a Hindu state. In this article, we will explore the history and beliefs of Hindutva, as well as the criticism it has received from opponents.

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Rise of Hindutva in modern India

Since the early 1990s, Hindutva has been on the rise in India. This right-wing, Hindu nationalist ideology advocates for Hindu supremacy and seeks to transform India into a Hindu Rashtra, or Hindu Nation. In recent years, Hindutva groups have become increasingly active and vocal, carrying out attacks on minorities, Dalits, and other groups they deem to be anti-Hindu.

The rise of Hindutva is often seen as a reaction to the increasing assertiveness of Muslims and other minority groups in India. For many Hindus, Hindutva offers a way to protect their religion and culture from what they see as an encroachment by these other groups. In addition, Hindutva groups have been able to tap into discontent with the ruling party, the Indian National Congress, and exploit economic frustrations to build support for their cause.

The rise of Hindutva has been a source of concern for many in India. The ideology’s call for Hindu supremacy goes against the country’s long history of religious tolerance and its commitment to secularism. Additionally, the violence perpetrated by Hindutva groups has created an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, particularly for minorities.

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